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"In order to change the world, we have to change the way the world does business, where sustainability is measured transparently and is the driver of investment."

- Michael Møller, Director General of the United Nations Office at Geneva.

Moving from Negative Screening to Active SDG Investment


Market Analysis

SDG Equity

The SCR500 Top SDG Equity is offering a portfolio of investments in public companies who have shown to be most committed to the SDGs while achieving superior financial performance. They are not only growing their company’s equity valuations but also providing rewards to their stakeholders. 


Only companies ranked Green or Yellow in their commitment to the Social Development Goals (SDGs), as measured by the UNGSII SCR500 report are eligible for consideration by the SCR500 all-star management team, led by Al Berkeley III, former president of NASDAQ and World Economic Forum USA Board Member.


UNGSII licenses the SCR500 data to institutional money mangers, banks, financial institutions and private equity firms, empowering investors to move toward impact investing.

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Business Growth

1 Trillion Trees

For those who want to invest in Climate Action while combining it with SDG1 No Poverty, SDG4 Quality Education, SDG 8 Decent Work and Economic Growth. At the UNGSII Foundation 25 + 5 SDG Champions Conference in Espoo, Finland 2019 we presented solutions to start planting and maintaining 1 Trillion Trees to fundamentally change the Climate threat. This initiative brings added value in creating new long term jobs for Africa, Asia and Latin America.


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Coach Fleet

Zero Emission Buses

 To meet the Paris agreement, Istanbul, Mexico City and other Cities need to replace the current diesel bus-fleet with zero-emission buses. Neither of them has the budget to finance this task. UNGSII Foundation negotiated with several bus companies offering next-generation zero-emission buses at discounted price. The total investment need was offered by 3 UNGSII partners (insurances, faith communities and pension funds) to cover each 33.3% of the investment – to be structured via an SPV/Green Bonds managed by UNGSII.

Within 8 years the investors receive their investment back, and the City receives the fleet for a total of 50 Million€. UNGSII strives to provide these solutions for each of the 17 SDGs not only to its 25 SDG Cities Leadership platform, but as well to the other 9975 Cities in the world in need for solutions to implement the SDGs latest by 2030.

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