UNGSII (in cooperation with UNSDSN, UNICEF, UNOPS, WHO, and other SDG-related Excellence Partners) have shortlisted 25 leading cities and 5 indigenous communities to implement all SDGs by 2025 and prove it's possible.

Frontrunner City Mendoza, Argentina have submitted over 268 SDG related projects and UNGSII has arranged within 6 months the requested €500M from the 25+5 Impact Investment partners to finance the projects in 2020/21.


Other leading Cities within the 25+5 that have also defined their first projects include Abu Dhabi/Masdar, Brasov, Iasi and Mexico City.

Corona Perspectives

The weekly newsletter supporting SDG 3

As the world is challenged these months by Covid19 UNGSII and WHIS were asked to provide a weekly newsletter for our partners within the 25+5 SDG Cities as well as within the governments, parliaments and the faith communities.

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25+5 SDG Cities

Leadership Platform

5 Participating Cities are selected from each of the following six categories:

* University

* UN 

* Medium - Approx. 500K pop.

* Large - Approx. 1 million pop.

* Mega - 5 million+ population

* Indigenous Communities

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Celebrating Progress

The SDG Cities Leadership Competition will feature several annually recurring events supported by an extensive global media distribution network. 


The Celebration Program is designed to showcase amazing stories of initiatives, people, technologies, programs,  organizations and measurable, realworld results that are responsible for progress being made toward the SDGs in each City.  


Live televised events such as the Global Goals Concert Series, and the Global Goals Awards Show, in addition to weekly magazine programs and short-format highlight content distributed via social media, are all designed to draw global attention to innovations, progress and outstanding contributions to the SDG originating from each participating city, their companies, non-profits and citizens.


25+5 SDG Cities Leadership Schedule


(Personal Invitation only)


November 9th 2019:

SDG Nr. 1 - 0 Poverty Concerts 

Vatican, Lodz, Mendoza

December 2nd 2019:

COP25 Madrid

January 6th - 8th 2020:

SDG Planning Meeting 2020 Brasov, Romania


January 21-24th 2020:

UNGSII SDG Lab, Davos, Switzerland

June 23rd - 27th 2020:

SDG Champions Conference, San Marino

September 10th - 12th 2020:

SDG Impact Investment Conference, Cambridge, UK

December 3rd  – 6th 2020:

COP26 Celebrating SDG Achievers,

Glasgow, Scotland

Major Annual Events Program to Generate Mass Awareness 


Additional Project Partners: