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UNGSII (in cooperation with UN Habitat, UNSDSN, UNICEF, UN Academic Impact, WHO, and other SDG-related Excellence Partners) have shortlisted 25 leading cities and 5 indigenous communities to fasttrack the implementation of all SDGs. Improvements and Learnings will be shared once per year at the SDG Lab in Davos but as  well at the UN Habitat Urban Forum and other events. The Front Runners will help develop criteria and metrics inspiring the other 9975 cities with more than 100.000 citizens. Read more 
Leading Cities within the 25+5 that have also defined their first projects include Abu Dhabi/Masdar, Brasov, Mendoza, Sarajevo and Tunis. The cities exchange with the SDG Champions at the SDG Champions Conference every year.​
After serving our 25+5 SDG cities with the weekly «Corona Perspectives» since March 2020 we offered at the World Urban Forum in Kattowitz, Poland concrete solutions how to ensure that citizens no longer have to face realities where they not only felt being left alone. Within the second half of 2022 the first SDG Health Hub will be set up in Brasov, Romania working on concrete and easy to implement solutions beyond Covid. UN-TV has recorded the UNGSII session of « Unicorns » help Mayors at the World Urban Forum