Events sit at the heart of UNGSII's strategy for recognizing and celebrating SDG progress and generating mass-awareness.

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Who ever said that sustainability can't be fun?  Events are a fantastic way to bring people together to have fun and experience first hand what it feels like to be part of a community with shared, common interests.  Music, sports, arts and sciences competitions, festivals, concerts and exhibitions are fantastic tools for promoting the SDG's, celebrating progress and bringing people together.  Our Global SDG Cities Competition is the foundation upon which UNGSII's annual events program is built. The program kicks-off in 2019.  Stay tuned here for more details.  


(Personal Invitation only)

15th January 2021:

Agape Foundation Conference,  Geneva, CH

Presenting SCR 500 2021 results


12th March 2021 

World Social Prescribing Day 

18th March 2021

Global launch of the 60 Min Silent Night Video


27th - 28th May 2021

Global Solutions Initiative Conference, Berlin


25th September 2021

Global Goals Concerts &

SDG Finance Conference for 25+5


30th October 2021

Global Urban Forum, Shanghai 


1st - 12th November

COP26 2021, Glasgow

3rd- 6th December 2021

SCR 500 2021 Champions, Abu  Dhabi

20th-24th December 2021

SDG1 Dinner Concerts for (Silent Night)


SDG Achievers

October 23rd-25th, 2021


WORLD UN DAY – Youth SDG Implementation and Vote   


After listening to the heads of states during the SDG World Concerts Weekend from 25th-27the September, it is now the time for the youth, to take the torch and show on the weekend of the 24th October how the next generation is celebrating World UN Day and how they see their role for the SDG implementation and where their priorities are focused. In the 25+5 SDG Cities and 5 Indiginous Communities SDG Impact Weekends and Sports engagement activities will take place to listen and learn from each other as they vote to see which of the presented SDG projects they wish to see fast tracked for implementation. The heads of states will address the SDG World Concerts and showcase what projects have inspired the next generation. Voting can only be done by those who upload a picture of their own personal activities supporting the Global Goals for example planting trees, helping and supporting Senior Citizens at home or in a hospital by performing music in their community etc.

November 9th, 2021

SDG1 World Concerts – Nobody left behind – Vatican & 25+5 Cities

The last of the 3 events that celebrate SDG implementation will be hosted by Pope Francis. The SDG1 annual concert at the Vatican will support those who are currently left behind. Concerts will be followed by joint dinners to help inspire individuals to make a change. Supported by 25+5 SDG cities SDG1 Expert Martin Burt and his Stop Poverty foundation will be present at each of the concerts and will listen and learn. They will give active advice to those who want to tear down the wall dividing the rich and the poor on the day when 1989 the wall dividing East and West Europe came down. During these concerts the winners of the Youth vote from October 24th will be announced.

December 3rd - 6th, 2021

SCR500 – 2021 Champions, Abu Dhabi

UNGSII will provide insights from the SCR500 2021 Champions event on how the largest companies from all continents have started to implement the SDGs in 2021. During the conference the winners of the SDG fast-tracking projects for 2021 (chosen by the youth) will receive their awards and will get the opportunity to share best practice and knowledge. 

SDG Champions Conference 2020

SDG Champions Conference 2020
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VIRTUAL SDG Champions Conference Health for Cities

VIRTUAL SDG Champions Conference Health for Cities

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Virtual SDG Champions Conference - Citizen Engagement for SDG13

Virtual SDG Champions Conference - Citizen Engagement for SDG13

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Virtual SDG Champions Conference - Financing SDG Implementation

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Virtual SDG Champions conference 2020 - Arts for the SDGs

Virtual SDG Champions conference 2020 - Arts for the SDGs

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SDG Champions Conference 2020 - Online

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