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The idea of the United Global SDG Index Institute (UNGSII) supportig the implementation of the 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) springs from the belief shared by United Nations officials, senior business leaders and NGOs that a transparent, academically driven index is needed to rank companies and countries on their sustainability practices.  Fragmentation and inconsistent regulation and legislation regarding sustainability reporting requirements is an obstacle to recognizing and rewarding those who are striving to create value through sustainable means, effectively hindering growth in financial markets for sustainable investments. This new Index concept had been discussed at the UN in Geneva several times by experts in a variety of fields, including science, business and Government. The first UNGSII Sustainable Development Goals Commitment Report on 300 of the world's largest companies was launched at the UN in New York on April 19, 2017.    


UNGSII's Sustainable Development Goals Commitment Report (SCR) overcomes the limitations of current evaluation systems, such as inadequate transparency on evaluation criteria and methodology, inexperienced analysts, backward looking analysis with limited prognosis, and potential conflicts of interest. In this way, the index is delivering a meaningful comparison of companies and increasing awareness of sustainability practices. In the near future, SCR reporting will become a catalyst for new investment made for sustainable reasons.

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The institute is an international, multi-stakeholder, not-for-profit initiative supporting the UN and the implementation of the Sustainable Development Goals. UNGSII aims to provide an evaluation and comparison of companies’ and countries' sustainability performance in a transparent manner. UNGSII's unique SDG-focused research and data approach provides guidance and benchmarking to companies and stakeholders, including investors, to encourage progress, but also to apply pressure to improve sustainability performance.  Existing assessment and measurement approaches are used as a starting point to ensure that best practice is fully integrated. Bottom line success will be the driving force of the UNGSII. The criteria for the index will favour those companies who are working not only to limit the environmental and social footprint of their activities but to achieve a net positive impact, in other words, those companies aiming at win-win rather win-lose relationships with their customers, employees and other stakeholders.



Sustainable Development Goals Commitment Report 100 (SCR100) Volvo wins: Press Release


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Advisory Board


Roland Schatz 

Chief Executive Officer, Founder

Matthias Vollbracht 

Head of Research

Anis Asghar

Chief Investment Officer


Zuzana Beluska

Chief Financial Officer

advisory board

Alfred R. Berkeley III

Former President of NASDAQ

Chairman, Princeton Capital Management, Inc.

Baltimore, Maryland, USA

Joseph Cajigal

CEO, Princeton Capital Management, Inc.

Red Bank, NJ, USA


Markku Markkula

First Vice President, European Committee of Regions

Brussels, Belgium


Preston McIntyre

UNGSII Ambassador to the GCC

Abu Dhabi, UAE

Ajay Davessar

Advisor to UNGSII,

Noida, India


Dr. Christian von Reventlow

former Member of the Boards of

Deutsche Telekom and Telstra 

UNGSII SDG 9 Senior Advisor

Munich, Germany

Claudiu Preda

UNGSII East Europe

Brasov, Romania

Prof. Thomas Petschner 

Global Health & Innovative Technologies 

Co Head SDG Academy



Ibrahim Alnassar

GCC Representative, 1 Trillion Tree Initiative



Amir Dossal

Founder & CEO

Global  Partnerships Forum


Board Member of the UNGSII U.S. Foundation


Soud Ba'alawy

UNGSII  advisory

Executive Chairman

Enspire (DIFC) Ltd., Dubai, UAE

Prof. Shubro Sen

Director, School of Management and Entrepreneurship,

Shiv Nadar Universiy

New Delhi, India


Prof. Dr. James D. Bindenagel

Former US Ambassador

Head UNGSII Kinshasa Process

Co Head SDG Academy

Bonn, Germany


Prof. Martin Nkafu Nkemnkia

NCDEI Foundation

Africa & Europe

Co Head SDG Academy


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