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UNGSII in the CPH Post

Updated: Feb 15, 2018

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"The UNGSII – the UN-supported Global Sustainability Index Institute – analyses if the performance of a company is serving the UN Goals, and it would appear your balance sheet will not thank you if you’re found wanting.

Mediatenor, a Swiss-based strategic media intelligence institute, has already analysed millions of business reports and news articles for the index, and it is the belief of its founder Roland Schatz that sustainable companies are more profitable. Why you may ask? “They don’t lose billions with scandals,” responded Schatz.

In the current crystal internet age with an incoming young generation of nature-loving, passionate, globally-connected millennials, “corpses” are hard to hide. Consumer boycotts could kill a business. Therefore thousands of CEOs are developing a passion for the UN goals and publicly converting from sinner to saint."

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